"Are You Spending Too Much Time Figuring Out All The Skills You Need
To Make a Membership Site...
And Struggling to Make Sure It Continues Earning Passive Monthy Income?"

Regardless Of Other Things You've Heard - Outsourcing Is Faster & Easier
Than You Thought Possible!

From the Desk of Dr. Jeanette Cates

Dear Fellow Online Business Owner:

Welcome! Since you're on this page I'm betting you fit into one of three groups:

  • You don't have a membership site yet - but are thinking about creating one.
  • You have a membership site but want MORE - more content, more sites, more money!.
  • You're ready to create a membership site - but are out of time, energy - or both!

Regardless of which group you're in - you're in the right place!

You see, the membership site game has changed. It used to be "hard" to set up a membership site with all of the choices you had to make and the number of software solutions you had to learn. And everyone was learning and exploring - inventing the game. There really wasn't any choice but to do it yourself.

But as more and more people have set up membership sites, it's no longer a unique idea that has to be invented each time. Instead there are experienced people who can do it FOR you!

Membership Sites Can Be the Easiest Part of Your Business, But Only If You Observe These Four Shocking Truths To Plan, Outsource, Promote, and
Systemize Your Way to Automatic Income

I want to share some Shocking Truths about membership sites. These may be real eye-openers for you:

Shocking Truth #1:

You don't need to set up a membership site in order to call it "yours"

Too often people fall into the trap of thinking that they have to do everything in their business. After all, that membership site will have your name on it, so your reputation is on the line.

But that's not realistic. People "outsource" all the time - just consider the latest biography of the President. Do you think he wrote that himself? No way! He "outsourced" it to a ghostwriter. But his name is still on it. And he still gets paid the royalties on every copy sold. And you can do the same thing with your membership site!

Truth #2:

Even if you originally created your membership site, you don't have to keep creating content for it

One of the biggest issues of creating a membership site that is a Library Site that constantly accumulates more and more content - is that someone has to create all of that content! And if it's all on you - you may be burned out quickly.

That's the power of outsourcing some or all of your membership site - now or from the start. Don't think anyone else can do it as well as you can? You may be surprised - and isn't it worth a try? Imagine what you can do with all of that free time!

Truth #3:

You may love what you do - but you can't do it all

Maybe you love the topic of your membership site. You may find creating content for your site the best thing about your business. But that doesn't necessarily mean you love the marketing part of your business! Even if you enjoy them, there's just a point where you can't do any more.

You can outsource the promotion and marketing parts of your membership site just as easily as you do any other part.. Remember, this is your business and you get to pick and choose the parts you want to do - and the parts you don't want to do!

Truth #4:

Whether it's your first or your fifteenth membership site, it pays to outsource it

It's true. The first time you do anything is the longest. The next time you do it - it takes half as long. So the more you do something the faster & easier it gets. And that means you are promoting and making money faster than the time before.

So the faster you set up your next membership site, the sooner you'll be making more money!

So it pays to get the site built and the content loaded quickly. Even if you "can" build a membership site quickly on your own - is that really the highest and best use of your time? Wouldn't it be better to just manage others' work while you spend your time doing what you want to do? Sure it would!

Become An Arm Chair CEO

Outsourcing is a simple process - you hire contractors to do the work for you. It's like any other business, but instead of hiring employees you hire independent contractors for exactly the tasks you need to have done - and nothing more.

This puts you into the role of CEO. You are now the manager of the project, instead of the worker-bee. And as any good manager knows, it's always faster to oversee the work than to actually do it yourself.

My Overnight Webmaster

Let me tell you about just ONE of my outsourcers - Marcus. He is in Malaysia, a full 12 hours away from me. So when he's awake, I'm asleep. And I definitely use that to my advantage!

Each night before I go to bed, I spend 10-15 minutes sending him a few emails on things I need to have done - set up website A; install membership site B; create graphics for site C.

And when I wake up after a good night's sleep - it's ALL finished!

Just think how your life could change with that type of support. And that's just ONE of the people I outsource to!

Imagine what you can do with that extra time when you use this same system - you could outsource another membership site - or take the week off! Outsourcing gives you freedom!

"Even If You've Never Outsourced Before, If You've Tried It And Failed, Or Even If You Didn't Think It Was Possible - You Need Outsourcing To Survive Online!"

Outsourcing is like any other skill - it can be learned. It needs to be practiced. And the more you do it, the better you'll get. Thousands of businesses use outside contractors on a daily basis. It's an accepted business practice.

So if you're serious about building a long-term business online, this is a skill you'll want to learn. And using outsourcing to set up or maintain your membership site is a great way to add another tool to your arsenal.

Can You Afford To Outsource? The Real Question Is...

Can You Afford NOT To Outsource?

Outsourcing can be expensive - if it's done improperly. And that's why you are going to use proven tools to ensure you know your budget and breakeven point before you get started.

As an example let's consider the true cost of outsourcing a membership site. Let's say you spend a total of $500 hiring people to create your site and your first batch of content.

Based on your monthly fee, you will earn that money back quickly:

If you charge a monthly fee of...

And you have this number of members...

You will earn...

Time to profit...




less than a month




less 10 days!




5 days!

So How Do You Outsource A Membership Site?

A membership site has a lot of moving parts. And each type of member site requires a slightly different approach, depending on the audience and the topic. That's why I've tried a lot of different ways to keep my membership sites profitable without putting a lot of time into them. And the winning formula is . . .

"The 4-Step POPS System:
Plan, Outsource, Promote, Systemize"

Plan your membership site - without a solid plan you don't really know what you want to have done. That means a lot of wasted time and false starts. So the first step is always planning.

Outsource the work - from creating accounts at specific sites to choosing the best vendor and managing the relationship and payment, this is critical to the sucess of the process.

Promote your site - while many people like to do this step themselves, others use outsourcing for this step as well. You'll see exactly how to follow either option.

Systemize - going through this process can be fully leveraged when you create a system as you go. Then you have multiple ways in which to use that system.

This 4-Step POPS System is the core of the Outsource Your Membership Site program. If you aren't getting the results you want from your membership site, chances are you've missed one of these four steps.

"Outsource Your Membership Site" Provides Everything You Need In One Place To Not Only Start Your Recurring Revenue Stream - But To Keep It Cranking Out Profits Month After Month!

This program includes videos, guides and checklists that walk you through the entire process...and make sure you get your membership site started and running the right way!

This 90-minute video overview of the full process walks you through the 4-Step POPS System:

  1. Plan your membership site - know exactly what you want to get done and determine the parts that you want to have someone else do!

  2. Outsource the work - find the outsourcing site you want to use, create your account, then set up the bidding process to get the best vendor for the best price. Then see how to choose that person and get them started right!

  3. Promote your site - nothing sells until your customer knows about it. Leave out this critical step and you'll have a great-looking site with no profits!

  4. Systemize the process - this is the secret that no one else talks about - and it's what makes this 4-Step POPS System so powerful!

You'll find this video incredibly easy to use - with a built-in table of contents. It's easy to stop and start the video as you work along - or go directly to the one section you want to review. Plus you'll also receive a copy of the slides, so you can take notes as you watch or listen!

I Can Count On You To Offer Top Notch Information!


"It was a really good call. I can always count on you to offer top notch information."

Cynthia Alexander


Written Components of Outsource Your Membership Site

Video is great for an overview of a process. But when you're ready to get to work, it's faster to refer to written materials. That's why I've included:

Where to Outsource - The Top 10 Places to Outsource Online - as well as where to outsource OFFline! This gets your started on the right track from the start!

How To Post Your Project - Once you've decided what to outsource, this guide walks you through the process of posting your project.

"Done-For-You" Project Descriptions - you won't be starting from scratch as so many people do when they outsource their first project. Instead, you can choose project descriptions that others have used. It's a priceless headstart!

Due Diligence Guide - What you need to do to make your final choice of vendors. Leave out this step and you'll regret it!

Get Started Right - How to kick off the relationship, work habits and communication with your new vendor, once you've made your choice.

Budget & Breakeven Calculations - this spreadsheet determines your breakeven point and lets you track your budget. Where others might overspend on their outsourcing projects, you won't fall into that trap! You now know exactly where you stand at all times.

The Step By Step Process!


"Provides step by step process from beginning to systemizing your outsourcing."


George Burks

Plus When You Order Today...

You'll also receive instant access to our password-protected membership site! You'll find all of the program materials ready for your use in the membership site. Plus you'll also have access to the site for as long as you want to use the materials. And our easy-to-use site site includes the features YOU want...

  • Multiple formats including videos, checklists, spreadsheets, and short resource lists
  • Ability to search for what you want by keyword or topic
  • Easy to use Table of Contents that follows the 4 Step POPS System
  • Your questions and suggestions - with easy to submit forms and FAQs added to the site on an ongoing basis

Most importantly, you'll be able to ask your questions in the members' site. So you won't be left in the dark - you'll be able to move forward quickly, knowing all of your questions will be answered.

All This Absolutely Blows My Mind!


"Great content! Very clear, precise, abundant..
All this absolutly blows my mind and opens my eyes.
The check lists are priceless tools and the ongoing support you offer is fantastic. Thank you!"


Louise Giroux

And There's More!

When you place your order today, you'll also receive these special Bonuses

Bonus 1: Complete task checklist to set up an Autoresponder-Based membership program. This is every step you need to complete to be successful with this easy-to-start membership model - along with the ability to check off each step as you complete it. This not only illustrates the 4-Step POPS System, but it puts it into immediate action for you.

Bonus 2: Interview Membership Site Checklist. This step-by-step checklist includes more than 63 steps you need to follow in order to ensure your site is up and running smoothly - without out! Nothing is left to chance with this comprehensive list!

The Checklists Are Invaluable To Me!


"Jeanette as always you provide tremendous Bang for the Buck, over-delivering every time. The checklists alone with every minute detail are invaluable for me. Thank you for sharing your expertise with me."

Jude Krakowski

Bonus 3: Access to MY Rolodex of outsourcing vendors. I've been running an online business for more than 13 years and in that time I've tried and discarded a lot of vendors. But I've also accumulated a golden list of vendors who work for a fair price, do a great job, and are a pleasure to work with. And I'm sharing them with you inside the Members' Site for this course! This single bonus is worth a lot more than the price of the course - just in the time and frustration you'll save!

Bonus 4: An Inside Look At My Team TechTamers
Many people ask me how I run my business with just five part-time employees and contractors spread over 3 continents. In this special report I share who works for me, what they do and how I found them. Plus I've included information on how to determine employee versus contractor status for each position. Get priceless insight into a successful online business!

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